1804 George Sand by Histoire de Parfum

1804 was inspired by Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, known by her pen name, George Sand. A writer of genius, great lover, and iconoclast, she was the incarnation of the first modern woman.

For her contemporary heiresses, the perfume reflects her generosity and sensuality. An amber flower bouquet—in remembrance of George Sand’s bond with nature—is warmed with heady spices and colored by sweet fruits.

About Histoire de Parfums:

An olfactive library that is telling stories about famous characters, raw materials and mythical years. The collection created by Gérald Ghislain is governed by no rules other than inspiration.
With his luxuriant imagination, this loquacious individual has chosen to bring his stories to life in perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium. Histoires de Parfums releases its fragrances in a Deluxe edition to be read on skin.

Histoires de Parfums’perfumes perpetuate
the French perfumery know-how, which features are luxury, nobility and creativity.

Histoires de Parfums maintains the highest qualitative standards in the choice of the raw materials as well as in the choice of the bottles,
packaging and communication tools.
With this perfume library, Gerald Ghislain wanted to evoke stories through scent just as books are written with emotions.

Spotless crepe paper, titles in color, bottles chiseled in glass: Histoires de Parfums is smartly bound in sixteen volumes to create a unique library.
Our eaux de parfums have a 15 % concentration which makes them long lasting with a beautiful trail.

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