Ardent by Parfums de la Bastide

Arden by Parfum de la Bastide main notes…

  • Cardamom, Nutmeg,
  • Cumin, Cedar, Cashmere wood
  • Sandalwood, Vanilla

« A r d e n t  is composed around a cedar note, evoking the warmth and strength of a majestic conifer. Nutmeg and cumin reveal its spicy character while vanilla and sandalwood usher elegance and delicacy in its wake.»

« The perfume that we dream of smelling on the skin of the beloved.»

About Parfums de la Bastide 

Giving value to the French craftsmen know-how. For every single perfume created, their inspiration comes from an exceptional natural ingredient. They sublimate this essence creating a subtle balance between the authenticity and contemporary touch. A tribute to Provence, the historic birthplace of perfumery, in an authentic and creative, sincere and bold approach.

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