Aromatherapy Home Diffusers by Napa Soap Company

  • Available in five great scents: Grapefruit Pomegranate; Lavender Blend; Gardenia; White Jasmine; Citrus Blend
  • 8 oz. bottle
  • Scent lasts 6 months or more
  • Made in USA
  • Introducing Napa Soap Company's newest product designed to help beautify your home: Aromatherapy Home Diffusers.  They combine the purest essential oils together with natural reeds to create a wonderful new way to scent your home. Simply place the beautiful glass apothecary bottle in the room of your choice, fill with the oil and drop in the reeds. The natural wicking properties of the reeds will "sip" up the oil and gently diffuse the aroma into the room for months of enjoyment. Reverse the reeds every few days to increase the scent or as desired. 
  • The Napa Soap Company crafts their soaps by hand in small batches of 50 bars each at their shop in downtown St. Helena, Napa Valley.  They use natural ingredients, buy organic whenever they can, recycle all of their packaging materials, and try to source as many local products as possible.  All bars are hand poured and approximately 6 + ounces. 

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