Bordeaux, Legendary Wines by Michel Dovaz

With a history spanning centuries, the Bordeaux region ranks as perhaps the premier wine making area in the world. As internationally renowned wine expert Michel Dovaz makes clear in this tour of the châteaux of Bordeaux, the true story of this legendary wine begins eons ago, when the earth itself took shape and blessed one part of France with magical soil.

This volume presents the fascinating history of the many châteaux that have been operating continuously since the seventeenth century. The author also relates the many steps that go into the creation of these prestigious wines, and presents an essential catalog featuring the wines of 125 châteaux, complete with a glossary, tables of harvest conditions of various years, and tasting notes for recent vintages. For the wine amateur or experienced oenophile, this splendidly photographed volume offers an authoritative guide to the appreciation of this rare treasure.

About the Author:  Michel Dovaz is an internationally renowned wine expert who has contributed to many publications, most notably La Revue du Vin de France for twenty years. He is the author of more than a dozen books on wine, including Château Latour and Fine Wines published by Assouline.

Photographer Michel Guillard is a Bordeaux specialist and head of the highly regarded publication L’Amateur de Bordeaux. In 1988 he co-produced a traveling exhibition on the Bordeaux châteaux.

Specs: 9 x 113⁄4 in | 23 x 30 cm; 268 pages | 150 illustrations;Hardcover with jacket; Also available in French 

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