Carnet Classic Leather Notebook By La Compagnie Du Kraft

  •  6" x 8.3"
  • Refillable
  • Detachable sheets, butcher’s notebook finish.
  • Deville version 60 sheets (120 pages)
  • Interiors: pure virgin natural kraft fiber.
  • Ozone bleached for whiteness.
  • Natural leather cover.
  • Saint-Etienne rayon elastic strap with natural rubber core.
  • Hand-made in Mimizan, France.

About LCK (La Compagnie Du Kraft)

The Kraft manufacturing process is perfectly self-sufficient, allowing for the recovery and recycling of chemicals and materials from the industrial process. Waste materials are then used as a source of energy in their manufacturing site in Mimizan, France. The natural fibers used exclusively by La Compagnie du Kraft are raw, sustainable materials and come from Gascogne. They are 100% renewable, allowing for the sustainable management of forest lands. To make pulp and paper from virgin, non-bleached fibre, our Mimizan factory exclusively integrates raw materials. These include the by-products from the maintenance of forests (brances and tops of trees, and wood thinnings) and wood processings (falls and sawmill wastes) of the maritime pine lands of Gascogne, France. 

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