Dome & Oak Paddle by LSA

  • Oak serving paddle with glass dome.
  • Serve your guests in style with the LSA Paddle Dome & Oak Paddle.
  • 35.5 cm long (approx. 14 inches)

Taking inspiration from the mountain bars of Austria, where shots of home-brewed schnapps and culinary treats are shared on characteristic wooden paddles, this delightful set is ideal for serving cheese and oatcakes at the dinner table or parties.

A luxuriously stylish hand-blown glass dome rests on the oak paddle, artisan crafted to create a chic yet understated look.

The simple oak handles makes lifting easy as the dome nestles with elegance on the board offering the perfect blend of classic and contemporary presentation.

LSA is world renowned for its unique originality and style and the Paddle set is no exception.

Whether you're dining formally or entertaining casually, the Paddle collection exudes the highest of quality and timeless design, sure to impress your guests.

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