Duo Complice Sterling Silver and Caramel Braided Leather Bracelet by Christofle

Sterling Silver and Caramel Leather Bracelet

Indicative of its name, Duo Complice is a contemporary jewelry line that pairs two different materials, one flexible and one rigid, in a singular piece to make one bold fashion statement. It includes the caramel braided suede and sterling silver (the rhodium variety to stave off oxidation accelerated by proximity to leather) double bangle bracelet. A similarly styled thinner version is available in a variety of colors.

In order to preserve the beauty of this item, we recommend that you best care for it by avoiding any contact with a source of humidity. Like all natural leather products, color transfer can occur. Simply use a soft cloth to clean it

About Christofle

Since the mid-19th century, Christofle has been known for superior quality, innovative design and is a symbol of luxury and elegance worldwide. Over time, this prestigious company has revolutionized styles, techniques, and methods for the production and distribution of silver plate and the decorative arts.

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