Greatest Hits Vinyl by Journey

With an ever-changing approach to music, Journey wrote countless songs ranging in subject, but all with a pop-sensibility rooted in rock that could only come from the 80s. Their best songs, including Don't Stop Believin' and Any Way You Want It are available here on vinyl. 2015, Sony/Columbia.

Disc 1
1. Only The Young
2.Don't Stop Believin'
3. Wheel In The Sky
4. Faithfully
5. I'll Be Alright Without You
6. Any Way You Want It
7. Ask The Lonely
8. Who's Crying Now
Disc 2
1. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
2. Lights
3. Lovin , Touchin , Squeezin
4. Open Arms
5. Girl Can t Help It
6. Send Her My Love
7. Be Good To Yourself
8. When You Love A Woman

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