House Wine Tote Bag by Tote+Able

tote+able: IT’S A CINCH self cinching wine bag.

description: Two innovations in one new wine bag design.  Place your bottle in our heavy weight canvas bag, pull the handle, and the bottle is securely locked in.

Our unique fabric chalkboard finish allows you to create your own message or design.  Wipe with a damp sponge to use over and over again.  Comes complete with chalk.

size: 6"x10.5"

About Tote+Able:

tote {tote} verb, toted, toting. 1. to carry by hand or on one's person, especially something that is a load or burden: I toted a bucket of water to the camp.

able {ay-bul} adjective, abler, ablist. 1. having the skill, power or design to do something: We were able to carry the load.2. having function or ability that is above average: The foldable bottle is an able device.

Our Credo: We embrace form follows function. We join this fundamental design philosophy with graphics, illustration and craftsmanship. Reuse is our eco-philosophy. Upcycling, recycling, reusable products to replace disposable products is our contribution to sustainability.

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