Insouciante by Parfums de la Bastide

Joyful, sparkling, fresh

Main notes…

  • Blood orange essence, Black pepper, Pink berries
  • Rose absolute, Cassis absolute, Jasmine
  • Santal, Patchouli fraction

 « I n s o u c i a n t e  is a breeze of freshly harvested delicate rose petals. Enlightened by pink berries and cassis, this combination of bubbling notes makes the perfume as light and cheerful as a glass of pink champagne.»

« Multi-faceted like a woman who knows how to be surprising: successively sparkling, reserved, playful, serious ... »

About Parfums de la Bastide 

Giving value to the French craftsmen know-how. For every single perfume created, their inspiration comes from an exceptional natural ingredient. They sublimate this essence creating a subtle balance between the authenticity and contemporary touch. A tribute to Provence, the historic birthplace of perfumery, in an authentic and creative, sincere and bold approach.

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