Mauleon Bleu Napkins by Artiga

To complement your lovely and beautiful Artiga table, do not hesitate to bring a touch of elegance with the napkins, cotton and / or cotton / linen! You can dare mix the striped colors or simply match them to your tablecloth, throw and table set. Pleasant to use, easy to maintain, and recognized for their quality and robustness!

 About Artiga:

The adventure began in 1999 when Quiteria Delfour bought a sewing company located in Magescq in the Landes. The new director then makes a bold choice. At a time when everyone relocates, she chose to keep the entire production chain in Magescq.

Since its inception, ARTIGA messes up the codes of the Basque canvas without losing the identity of this cotton fabric known for its robustness and frame. The classic stripes representing the seven Basque provinces are colored and start dancing.

In Europe, Asia or the US, ARTIGA is a brand recognized and appreciated for its creativity and its French manufacturing that earned him to be labeled Origine France Garantie in February 2012.

ARTIGA is a universe made of stripes and colors, "smart products" for every day.


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