Money Clip by Owen & Fred

"It's all about the Benjamins" P. Diddy

  • The Silver Money Club: Made in the United States, this money clip is hand polished, cleaned and plated with sterling silver for a lustrous shine. More than a shine - it's got a mirror finish. We are mesmerized by the blue-silver hue this money clip gives off. 
  • The Copper Money Clip: Made in the United States of 32 gauge solid cooper, the copper comes from a Chicago mill where it is turned into copper coil about one inch wide. The coil is then stamped into a money clip with a 16 ton hydraulic press. Solid copper, hand polished to a satin finish and lacquered to preserve the new penny shine.

Owen & Fred is a New York-based men's design brand founded in 2012.  Owen & Fred transforms the boring into extraordinary. Simply put: Men's Goods. Made Great. 

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