Paris Candle by Baobab

First in Fragrance is proud to exclusively present the Baobab Collection limited edition “Paris” Scented Candle which draws its inspiration from the iconic architecture of the Eiffel Tower. The monument’s metallic structure has been adapted into a metallic design that envelops the hand-blown glass container, as delicate as lace.

Whereas the Eiffel Tower powerfully symbolizes Paris, the city is a multi-facetted place that reinvents itself season for season with exquisite grace. Baobab Collection offers an olfactory interpretation of Paris that conjures up memories of spring strolls where scents of blossoming linden and chestnut trees are swept away by the wind. Baobab’s limited edition “Paris” candle is a lightly perfumed reverie of the everlasting “City of Lights”.

Top Note: Tulip, Linden Blossom (Tilia), Chestnut


About Baobab:

Based in Belgium and inspired by the sights and fragrances of the jungle, Baobab Collection produces some of the finest handmade candles and scents in the world. Each Baobab line is a reflection of a specific region of the world. “All Seasons” evokes the sun-drenched expanses of South Africa, while “Pearls” are inspired by the luminous stones so plentiful in the tropics. Each Baobab candle is poured by hand into a glass vessel that is blown by expert craftsmen. Baobab fragrances and scent diffusers are formulated by a perfumer in the famed city of Grasse, known around the world for its role in the perfume industry. It is the definition of luxury: to make an everyday object extraordinary through design, skill, and superior materials

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