Provence Napkins by Gien

Paper napkins which complements and match with your faience service
Ideal to bring the fantasy and color to your table

  • 13 ¼” x 13 ¼”
  • Napkins made in 3 ply
  • Manufactured in Netherlands
  • Oxygen bleached tissue
  • Printed with waterbased colors

About Gien

Gien is the most prestigious maker of earthenware in France. The company dates to 1821 when Thomas Hall brought fine English earthenware manufacturing techniques to France.

Gien tableware takes inspiration from many sources, including Rouannais patterns from the 18th century, Italian design, Delft earthenware, and styles from the Far East.

Artisans and craftsmen today take inspiration from Gien's rich design past to create classic and modern tableware for today's consumer. Since Gien dinnerware it is fired at lower temperatures than porcelain, its colors are notably rich and warm.

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