Ruby Rose Hips Cold Brew Tea by Leaf & Ardor

These cold brew bags make preparing iced tea a breeze. This caffeine-free, organic blend of rose hips, hibiscus, and lemongrass is pleasantly tart with a subtle, natural sweetness. Just add one bag to a quart of cold water, let it steep in the refrigerator overnight, and voilà, you’ll have delicious cold-brewed iced tea by the next morning.

Experiment with adding fresh fruit and herbs to the brew for a seasonal infusion. Also makes a uniquely delicious base for a cocktail or smoothie.

Contains 4 cold brew bags, each makes 4 servings/cups.

Ingredients: organic rose hips, organic hibiscus, and organic lemongrass.

Launched in 2013, Connecticut based Leaf & Ardor blends the traditional tea ritual with modern design and updated culinary experiences such as tea-infused cocktails, savory dishes and desserts.  They offer handmade serve ware and one-of-a kind gifts which complement the beauty and healing properties of tea. We are proud to serve Leaf & Ardor in our cafe.  Enjoy.


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