San Francisco Cuff -- The Caliber Collection

The oval shape of the bracelet mimics the trigger cage of a gun and serves as a reminder of the destruction that is caused when the trigger of a gun is pulled.

Each series carries a serial number that corresponds with one of the guns that has been voluntarily turned in by an individual to the Pittsburg, CA Police Department on March 16th, 2013 during a privately funded Gun buyback and amnesty program.

This special limited edition finish is inspired by the extensive history of coal mining and industrial development since the late 1800's in Pittsburg, CA.

The side of the bracelet is hand hammered to symbolize the hard work required, not only of the police, but of each individual, in the fight to get illegal guns off the streets of their community. The pieces are handmade, no two are exactly alike.

20% of the net proceeds from each Caliber San Francisco purchase will fund future gun buyback and amnesty programs in Pittsburg, CA.

San Francisco is my home town, Jessica Mindich, the founder of The Caliber Collection, lives in Greenwich.  There is a lot of synergy here, love this line!

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