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Dispatch -- What is it like in Milano & London in the Age of Corona19?

Dispatch -- What is it like in Milano & London in the Age of Corona19?

A typical Milano market with incredible fresh food last year when I went for
one of the industry's biggest design fairs.  
After more than 30 years working in luxury good and PR, I thought you might like to hear from people around the world and how they are coping with the economic shut down.  Here are two stories from friends in London & Milano.  The impact has been devastating.  Check back later in the week for new cities.
Name: Martyn Evans                                   
Creative Director, U+I Group Real Estate PLC

What is the mood in your city?  How long have you been asked to shelter in place?  How long do you think it will last.  
London is a resilient city. It’s been burned to the ground many times - most famously in 1666 by a fire started in a bakery. The Luftwaffe did their worst in 1940 but, like New York after 9/11 we have bounced back. This will be no different. The bewildering factor here has been the speed and the extent of the lockdown. We were advised to practise social distancing and work from home from last Monday 16th but not enough people took heed and over the weekend, after the news was full of pictures of people gathering public parks and in pubs and restaurants, our Prime Minister made an address to the nation telling us in no uncertain terms to stay home. Everything except essential services is closed. We are not to gather in groups of more than 2 if at all. He said for three weeks, but I think we all think it will be longer - considerably longer. Hospitals are severely curtailing visiting and all events and gatherings except funerals have been banned. It feel surreal. Our food shops are struggling to cope with the demand - one side of the British nature has not shown itself well - too many people have been stockpiling essential supplies and there are now shortages of basic products like toilet paper and canned goods. But on the other hand, a huge swell of support has risen up for local independent stores who have been organising home deliveries, particularly to the elderly and vulnerable. And endless community programmes have been created to support those in most need.
What is the response within the business community now, do you know of any businesses that are reinventing themselves to help?
Video conferencing has become the new normal.  It was my birthday today and my team formed an online choir to sing happy Birthday to me this morning.  We are having to adapt quickly. It’s amazing how easily we have adapted with technology to home working - virtually overnight. But we are missing the cultural benefit of all being in the office together and we are struggling to work out how to keep it going. But we’ll get there...
How are you staying sane during this period?
Regular exercise, lots of calling friends, rationing news and eating healthily. Chocolate helps though…

Name:  Piera Mammini                      

Retired Beauty & Fashion Communications Professional

What is the mood in your city? How long have you been asked to shelter in place? How long do you think it will last.

 Milan is very affected by the virus, like all over the Region (Lombardy). Only today (March 24th) we had in Milan 743 new victims, and the infected people are in total around 3000. (source: Corriere della Sera, the biggest daily national newspaper). Therefore, it seems that those numbers are very underestimated, due to the difficulty to test all people with symptoms, and those hidden at their home.

At the beginning people from Milano did not realize how serious was the problem, so they continued their lives without any responsibility. Only in a second moment people understood the danger, even though still now there are some people (few) in the streets. But the same reaction has been all over the Country. We are famous for never following rules, isn’t it?

All shops are now closed (except food and pharmacies), all public and private offices are closed, schools and universities are closed, and cinemas, theatres, pub, restaurants, cafeterias. Everything. The coronavirus stopped our lives. Like a bad sorcery, our world doesn’t exist anymore.

At the moment we are asked to stay home until April 3rd, but every day our Prime Minister postpones the term. We don’t know, as a matter of facts.

I personally believe that it  will last until Summer, maybe not so strictly if (only if) we will arrive to stop new infections. My husband is a doctor and he says that.

Milan is a desert, never seen or even imagined before.

What is the response within the business community now, do you know of any businesses that are reinventing themselves to help?

Manufacturing industries are still working, paying some attention to preventative cautions for workers, but those are very worried about that: they are afraid of the danger of the virus, but also to loose their job. Some services companies allowed people to work from home, but they all are in a very strong pain. Smallest companies are really in danger.

Some textile industries has stopped the normal production to reconvert their products in protective masks that are very needed in hospitals, homes, communities, etc. And plastic producers of snorkeling masks reconverted them in protective masks as well. That is all I know.

I must say that many rich people and companies made very generous donations to hospitals to arrange new intensive therapy pavilions, adding new places for those who need help to breath.

How are you staying sane during this period?

My husband and I are both over 70, so we must absolutely stay home, since the beginning of March. We are both retired, we don’t have to work from home, as others (younger than us) do. Nowadays, no matter what is your age, everybody must stay home, young people and children too. Not only elderly people. Everybody.

Happily we live in a large apartment, we don’t have a garden but we have a terrace, so we have room enough to walk and move around, also to stay… alone, some moments in the day!

But we share TV watching, reading, listening music, playing Scrabble, cooking, also cleaning the house, because the woman who usually help us must stay at home too.

The day is very long, never ending. The best moment is at dinner time, because we connect us with my daughter and grand daughter, having dinner together, chatting on a video call. It is very funny and a big relief.

I buy food and other necessaries things through some supermarket online site, but we must wait many many days before they came, so it is important do not forget anything and to plan correctly our needs. Which means the wait is more or less two weeks and half. There are also small fruit & vegetables, meat, and dairy shops in our district that came at home more quickly, but they are very expensive because they doubled the prices… So I prefer to wait.

Can you imagine how difficult it is? No. if you don’t try.

I can’t say I am not afraid of the virus. I am. A lot. Most of all, for my child and her child. But staying home I hope we all will safely survive.

We all are also very worried about the economic situation waiting for us “after”. It will be a very hard part of our life. Lots of people will loose their jobs, small companies will disappear, and big one… I don’t know.

It is a war. We will see how to restart after

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Faux Fur For Fall

Faux Fur For Fall

 Le Mini Attelage in Bordeaux Faux Fur by Perrin Paris $1,890.00

Fun. Fabulous. What are you waiting for? This exquisite bag is perfect with leather pants, a silk top and a great statement bangle.  The lush bordeaux tint is subtle and beautiful.



Faux Fur is on trend right now! Plush & cozy apparel or accessories are perfect additions to your cold weather wardrobe!

Check out our favorite pieces below. 

Reese Heel by Sol Sana $170.00

This black faux fur block heel completes a girls night out outfit. With a focus on high quality leathers, the finest materials and trims, Sol Sana merges high fashion styling with comfort, wearability and affordability.


Chocolate Faux Mink Throw by Tourance $195.00

This mink faux fur throw is 45" x 60". Tourance promises to bring their softest blankets on Earth to your home. They are irresistibly luxurious and yet so stylish and easy to wash that you can take an outing to the park.

Veilee Faux Fur Vest by Hartford $305.00

This fur vest is fun, fashionable and faux!  A perfect fashion accessory layered over any t-shirt, flannel, or sweater. Comes in grey and navy. 

Fojo Faux Fur Coat by ba&sh $415.00

The Fojo coat is perfect for the fall and early winter. Complimented by faux fur, a draw string waist, and hood it will be your favorite go to coat.  A deep delicious black color, chic and stylish.



 Faux Fur Cardigan by Blugirl $740.00

These gorgeous grey and yellow button down cardigans are a perfect and unique addition to your fall wardrobe. 


Usonia Medium Fluffy Pearl Grey by Elena Ghisellini $1,410.00

The perfect fall fluffy bag with double leather handles, and adjustable leather shoulder strap.

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Meet Maria Turkel: Wardrobe Stylist

Meet Maria Turkel: Wardrobe Stylist

As part of our current exhibition, we are spotlighting our exhibit partners for Sustainable, Upcycle, Perfect.  This week we are shining a spotlight on The Local Vault & Wardrobe Stylist Maria Turkel who we will be featuring at our upcoming event on March 28 -- for tickets click here.  To contact Maria, you can visit here website here.  

Maria Turkel is an entrepreneur with years of experience building connections and support between herself, her clients and local businesses. In 2007, she founded Maria Turkel Wardrobe Styling which has served clients from Fortune 500 companies to start-up CEOs to local philanthropists to teens who are just starting to define their personal style. Maria’s goal is to help her clients feel confident and authentic in their everyday lives through their wardrobe choices by editing and cleaning their closets, taking them shopping, building outfits head-to-toe and creating LookBooks that serve as tools to make getting dressed each day easy and efficient. Previously, Maria built a successful career in the film and television industry in Los Angeles. She is a former Wardrobe Supervisor on numerous shows including the iconic series, Friends. As a personal stylist, she has a vibrant email newsletter subscriber base and an engaged social media community. Her focus has always been to build deep, reciprocal relationships whether in Hollywood or Fairfield County.

Job: Personal Wardrobe Stylist
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA—Go Steelers/Pens/Bucs!!
Home Right Now: Riverside CT
Family: My amazing husband, Brad, and our delicious children, Lucie (20), Noah (18) and Sela (15)
Favorite Charities: Neighbor to Neighbor, CT Against Gun Violence and Greenwich Alliance for Education.


 1. When did you know you wanted to be a stylist?

I’ve loved clothing and the psychology behind why each of us chooses to wear what we do for as long as I can remember. It’s always been a part of me—appreciating that clothing is an art form we can wear, that we can use it to say something interesting about who we are deep inside, and that we can change the message as we go along each day.  It’s always been integral to who I am—documented by some pretty 'special’ outfits I created starting at the age of 3 when my mother gave up arguing with me about what I should wear.
2. If you could invite any two designers for dinner (dead or alive) who would they be?
Edith Head and Debra McGuire.  I chose costumer designers because I feel that the images we (collectively) have seen on screen have influenced exactly how we wear the beautiful pieces that are created by fashion designers. I’d love to hear Edith’s process especially in an era dictated almost entirely by men’s opinions (male studio heads, producers, directors, etc) and to spend time with Debra because I love her and miss working with her! She is so extremely talented and has contributed immensely to the everyday iconography of style.  Plus I think Debra and Edith would have an amazing conversation together and I’d learn so much from just listening to them.
3. What advice do you have for aspiring stylists today?
Get your foundational training—whether it’s fine arts, art history, fashion design, designing for TV/film/print—if you are thoroughly trained, you can work in any aspect of the field. 
4. Who are your (heroes) in real life?
People who quietly do good things
5.What is your greatest extravagance? 
6. Tell me about what you’re wearing & what is your go to outfit?
Personally, I don’t have go-to outfits (see number 11 below). Having said that, I help many clients create go-to outfits that work for them and their unique set of current circumstances.
For the launch of the #sustainable #upcycle #perfect exhibit, I wore my vintage cowgirl shirt to support the idea of a sustainable closet. If you have pieces you love, take care of them and wear them over and over. My shirt is in great shape even though it’s 18 years old (!!). Though I wear it infrequently, each time I do, I feel so confident and strong in it. I paired it with a turtleneck for the first time ever because I love that turtlenecks+blouses are having a moment.  Wearing my beloved cowboy boots would have been too expected, so instead, I chose black biker boots and cropped raw-hem blue jeans to give the top a bit of an edge.  I finished the whole look with my silver ‘birdie on a branch’ earrings.  For this outfit, it was go big and go bold with every element, but by keeping the color palette narrow and dark, the final product was not overwhelming or gaudy. 
7. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
In my perfect world…
8.What’s the quality you most like in a human?
9. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
My relationships with my husband and 3 children
10. What is your motto? 
Every day is different
11. If you could name one goal for your business or career what would it be? 
My goal as a personal wardrobe stylist: Taking care of other women and helping them to recognize and express all of their unique and beautiful qualities

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Perfect Visit to NYC

Perfect Visit to NYC

Great Places to Shop, Eat & Drink in NYC
Last week our Perfect team checked out some old and new favorites for inspiration, fun and of course, shopping and eating. Here are some great places to visit next time you are in Manhattan.  

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Rising Star Awards Fashion Group International

Rising Star Awards Fashion Group International

We are absolutely thrilled to be nominated in the Retail Category for the Rising Star Awards hosted by Fashion Group International to be held at Cipriani on January 25th in NYC.

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My Paris

My Paris

I love Paris for more reasons than I could ever communicate in one or two blogs but I am going to try to give you a window into what I love about the City of Light, and why you should consider planning a visit.  For my first blog, I am going to give you a quick overview of what I love and some ideas for planning a visit.

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#smilemore, summer & the perfect tee

#smilemore, summer & the perfect tee

Hello Summer!!  Here on the East Coast, we are absolutely thrilled with the start of summer weather after such a harsh winter; seeing our flowers bloom, our brown grass turn green, and experiencing the joy of feeling the sunshine on our face, is such a blessing.  My peonies are just beginning to bloom, and they are one of my all time favorite flowers.  They smell and look gorgeous.  I've stepped up my running game again, now that the weather is warm (no excuses!), and cut back on all those winter sweets I had been indulging in.  Time for getting back to a whole food health and life. Summer, maybe even more than a new year for me, is about realigning, refocusing and getting back to basics. With that in mind, we have two special treats that say summer to me when you order your Perfect Provenance products -- you will receive one of them as a gift when you order this summer.  We won't ruin the surprise, you will just have to wait and order and see!

The Broadway Boys at the Smile Gala in NYC performing in our Smile collection tees.

We are loving all of our friends and family who have posting their pics of #smilemore tees to social media, and love the idea of this going viral. Thank you and please continue to help us spread the love!  From Florida to California and back to Connecticut, we smile every time we see these photos.

In addition to previewing our new collection of #smilemore tees to benefit Operation Smile, launching the website and getting up and running, we have been very busy here at the Perfect P developing our new product lines.  I cannot wait until you see. smell and experience our new products.  These last few weeks I have been sketching and designing our jewelry, which I would describe as modern, chic and edgy, all wrapped in one!  I am collaborating on the design with a jeweler I have adored for years -- Zig Zag Jewelers on Madison Avenue. Our designs together are based on principles I believe in and love  -- balance, architecture and beauty. Each design will be our own special, delicate creation and really represent the look and feel.,materials and aesthetic, I want our company to symbolize.  

Our home fragrance line of candles samples also arrived this week. We now test their 'burn' which means we are burning the candle in our home, and living with it to make sure it is just right.  We have spent weeks smelling oils and 'mods' (modifications) with our perfumery partner Symrise (a former PR client of mine) that represent different ideas that I have had in my mind for years.  The fragrance concepts represent different memories, ideas in my life that speak to me and I hope speak to you.  Sensory ideas that evoke peace, happiness, nature, and more.  Years and years ago, I wanted to open a candle store because I have always loved how scent can transform a mood and a room.  I have spent much of my career working in the fragrance business. and it is true luxury to bring these ideas to life now with my extremely creative friends in perfumery.  


I'm off to enjoy this beautiful weekend.  Hope yours is safe, happyand healthy.  

xoxo lisa

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Spring Women's Collections at The Perfect Provenance

Spring Women's Collections at The Perfect Provenance

We were thrilled to showcase the arrival of our Spring Women's Collections at our Prosperite Festival last week in store.

This season, some of our favorite trends include the following:

-- playing with textures and layered materials; sustainable fabrics from Amour Vert

-- mixing light suede, leather and fur accents to spring pieces from Max & Moi and Tonet are elegant and chic -- perfect with a beautiful choker by Millianna 

-- lightweight soft but structured blazers some with upturned collars for a smart casual look, paired with silk short and long sleeve shirts from Repeat & Vanessa Bruno

-- blush, blush, blush, pastels and blush are the colors of the season, pretty but sophisticated -- together with denim are pretty on anyone -- Hudson Jeans, Alexandre Birman shoes -- embroidered jeans are the bomb!  Our rose jeans from Hudson are amazing.

-- grey, camel & olive round out the color palate perfect with black and brown leather shoes with block heels, or signature bags by Perrin Paris -- clutches to die for, Elena Ghisellini bags, Vanessa Bruno pieces and more

-- finally, sneakers or tennis shoes, as we call em on the west coast, are easy breezey and come in beautiful colors and styles -- our Tretorns have been a big hit in linen, blush and grey

Our new designers this season include Alice & Trixie made in Brooklyn, Tonet made in Italy, and Frieda Rothman Jewelry designed in Brooklyn.   Finally, clean, fresh and ready for summer, our Saint James for women is ready for a day out.  Visit us in store and we can help you pick out the perfect outfit.

Enjoy your Spring break or the spring weather in Greenwich!



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Prospérité Festival

Prospérité Festival



The Prospérité Candle
Prospérité Festival -- April 4 - 7, 2017
At the Perfect Provenance, we have loved introducing  our clients to new
designers since we opened last June.  To celebrate the arrival of our
Spring Collections, we are proud to announce our first
Prospérité Festival -- April 4 - 7, 2017
celebrating the culture, fashion and food of our designers.  
We are inviting customers to
join us for special events focusing on the themes outlined below:
Tuesday, April 4 -- France
Wednesday, April 5 -- Made in USA
Thursday, April 6 -- Italy
Friday, April 7 -- Resort
Prospérité Prix Fixe Luncheons
$35 per person -- April 4 -7.  12 Noon - 2 p.m.
Lunch will include two courses, complimentary glass of Champagne, Prosecco or Specialty Drink, fashion show & surprises!  Luncheon Seating is at Noon with only 20 seats available total for each day.  Each day the menu and fashion will reflect the theme of the day.  We will take afternoon reservations for late lunch & afternoon after 2:30 p.m. each day.
Prospérité Prix Fixe Dinners
Thursday, April 7th Dinner -- Italy -- $75 Per Person -- 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Three Course dinner including complimentary glass of Prosecco, fashion show & surprises. 20 seats maximum for the evening.
Friday, April 8th Dinner -- Le Perfect St. Barth's Style -- $75 Per Person
Three Course Menu with complimentary glass of Champagne, fashion show, complimentary costumes & surprises!   Two seating’s --7: 00 p.m. & 8 p.m.  20 seats maximum for the evening.
Bookings -- 203-900-1131 or

47 Arch Street Greenwich CT, 06830

We hope you will help us spread the word throughout the community.  For more information, please contact Tiffany Mezzone at 203-900-1131.

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