"Laura" Earrings -- Circle of Life Collection

  • Small Oval Diamond Hoop Earrings, Circle of Life Fine Jewelry Collection
  • Available in 18k Blackened Gold or 18k Yellow Gold 
  • Approximately 3/4" oval circle with diamonds around the outside
  • Created with gorgeous, ethically sourced diamonds, made in New York City
  • Designed by Lisa Lori exclusively for The Perfect Provenance
  • The 'Circle of Life' is a symbolic representation of birth, survival and death.  The idea of life as a circle or a wheel exists across mutliple religions and philosophies
  • Named for my maternal grandmother. I remember visiting Chicago as a young girl and spending time in her kitchen enjoying her wonderful Italian meals and her blond hair piled high in a 60's bouffant. She was Sicilian and met my grandfather as a teenager growing up just blocks apart.

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