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The Perfect P Blog

Exclusive Offer for Curator's Club Members-- Cooking Week and Truffle Hunt in Italy

Exclusive Offer for Curator's Club Members-- Cooking Week and Truffle Hunt in Italy


at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, UNISG
with Chef Silvia Baldini


At The Perfect Provenance, we are excited to announce a very special travel opportunity with our friend and business partner Chef Silvia Baldini.  Experience an unforgettable week together with Chef Silvia in partnership with the University of Pollenzo.  As an exclusive to our clients, we can offer a $200 early bird offer if you book before February 14th -- there are only 18 spots available and they will book up quickly.  For more information about booking, please email us at and we will give you further information.
Regular prices 
Superior Double Room: 
$ 5460
Superior Single Room: 
$ 5880 
Deposit per person: $ 1800
About the Trip

Attend an exclusive five-day program that will provide you with new cooking and wine tasting skills and that will culminate in a whole day of learning, tasting and hunting for local truffles.  Go behind the scene with Chef Silvia Baldini. Learn from professors, students, local shopkeepers, food experts and Michelin star Chefs. The exclusive access to UNISG and local knowledge will give you an experience unavailable to most visitors.

UNISG is in Pollenzo a small town 6km from the city of Bra. Bra is a small city of about 30,000 inhabitants, nestled in the hills of the Roero and the Langhe in the province of Cuneo in southern Piedmont.  In the 1980’s it became the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement. Bra is located in Piedmont, one of the regions which symbolizes the Italian culture of food and wine: mere steps away lies the Langhe, the land of  White Truffle and some of the most renowned red wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, and Dolcetto.
Photo by Mountain Leon
Cook with Silvia and world recognized chefs in the Food Lab, put your senses to the test in the sensory analysis lab, attend lectures, guided visits and interactive workshops with UNISG's professors.
Discover the rich heritage and history of the surrounding areas. Visit local wine makers, salumerias, cheese mongers and learn about and taste Piedmont's wines, cheeses, salumi and local cured meats. 
Immerse yourself into Italian wine culture and the history, varietal and cultural gastronomic importance of wine and food in Italian lifestyle.
Spend time in Turin, visiting the Lavazza museum and discover the world renowned theaters, the Opera house and the outstanding museums.
Enjoy lunches at the Academic Tables, an innovative project launched by the University of Gastronomic Sciences, that aims to combine education, haute cuisine, fair costs, zero waste and local produce. Dine at Michelin Star restaurants and local Osterias.

Conclude the week learning about the mysterious world of truffles. Work with Chef Silvia Baldini and Michelin star Chef Davide Palluda in the Pollenzo food Lab and focus on the production of fresh pasta and pairing with truffles. Then encounter a truffle hunter and her dog and walk in the woods to assist a truffle hunt followed by a truffle tasting.  Stay and relax at the historic Savoy residence four star hotel Albergo dell'Agenzia. 

• All cooking classes, lectures and experiences held by UNISG university professors, Silvia Baldini, chefs, researchers and experts 

• All visits included in the program

• All workshops, tastings and interactive experiences 

• All classrooms and laboratories used for lessons and activities

• All breakfasts, lunches and dinners included in the program (from Monday – Friday)

• All bus transfers during the 5 days + 2 airport transfers for the group

• The day activity on truffles

• Truffle Hunt

• The organization and coordination on behalf of UNISG of all the schedule 
and logistics of the group for the 5 days

• Double Room for 6 nights in Hotel Albergo dell’Agenzia; 
or Single Room occupancy available with an extra charge

• The rich breakfast buffet with products from local Slow Food producers

• The heated swimming pool (Summer or weather permitting only)

• The facilities of the wellness center 

• The Small Gym

• WiFi

• Soft Drinks and Bottled water in the minibar


• Trip insurance

• International airfare to and from the Experience

• Costs associated with obtaining passports or entry visas

• Airport departure taxes 

• Excess baggage charges

• Meals other than those specified in the Itinerary

• Sightseeing, museums, theater not included in the Itinerary

• Personal expenses such as laundry, communication charges and optional activities (which are subject to availability).

• Sunday dinner on arrival 

• Dinner in Turin

• Optional extra day to attend the Alba White Truffle Fair

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Easy Breezy Summer Travel

Easy Breezy Summer Travel

Cabas Grand Cuivre by Vanessa Bruno $240 (above)


Weekender Navy Bag by Billy Belt $120 (below)

Whether your packing for a quick weekend getaway or a summer sojourn, we've got the perfect summer essentials to make your packing easy so you can concentrate on having fun!  


1. Daily Noir Flats (Black) by Bagllerina - $72.50

The Bagllerina is the essential shoe for your wardrobe. Fold them in their leather pouch, slip them into your bag or wear them on the plane, easy slip on and off.  Super easy, easy French girl chic.  

2. Le Mini Jet Set in Black or Caramel by Perrin Paris - $235.20 ON SALE

The perfect way to organize all your travel docs (passport, credit cards etc) in one place all while traveling in style from Perrin Paris. The perfect size for traveling. It can hold all of your traveling essentials while also helping you look put together and ready for the trip ahead of you. Available in black or caramel.

3. To Go Journal Set by Garance Dore - $15.00

Create memories, jot down your thoughts on life or keep a list of your favorite restaurants.The Perfect To Go Journal for Fashionable Women for Notes; Musings, Sketching. Created in partnership with French illustrator, author, and photographer Garance Doré.

4. Aviator Classic Cards by Bicycle - $7.00

Classically designed by Dan & Dave, the AVIATOR Heritage Edition Playing Cards are a timeless tribute to the iconic brand. Within the vintage tuck-case, each card features Hughes's racer, high above the earth -- boldly exploring all places unknown. So grab a pack, strap in, and come fly with us.  Always entertaining, card games on trips are always a guarantee for fun, conversation and competition!

5. Bamboo Avalon Earbuds by LSTN - $50.00

The Avalon by LSTN: Real bamboo wood housing and 8mm drivers provide a sound far beyond their price point, while the rubber cable and sweat-resistant coating allow use anywhere, anytime. These are perfect for traveling because it can not only help you relax on the plane, but they can also help you jam out on the beach, taking a run or just chilling out on vaca.  But wait, the best part is LSTN was started to change lives through the power of music. Every purchase helps someone hear through Starkey Hearing Foundation.  Perfection

6. The Kennedy Toiletry Bag By Brouk & Co  $30.00

The Kennedy toiletry bag that feels worthy of your clean up gear. Made from durable canvas materials with interior lining, each bag flattens for easy storage and holds all of the toiletries you'll need for your time away.

7.. Cabas Grand Cuivre Raffia Bag by Vanessa Bruno - $340.00

This raffia shopper from Vanessa Bruno is handmade in France making every item unique. The braided design has lurex details in feminine pink for a subtle glamour touch. Large enough to carry all your essentials for the day of traveling ahead!  Perfect for looking travel chic on the plane, running around the French Riviera or hanging on in the mountains.  

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St. Bart's Strong

St. Bart's Strong

Beautiful Saline Beach in Saint Barths If you follow us on social media, you may have seen me posting photos from beautiful St. Barts. I have had several people reach out to ask me how the island is doing post Irma. This is my second trip since the hurricane, we also went for Thanksgiving week just weeks after the store.

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Perfect Visit to NYC

Perfect Visit to NYC

Great Places to Shop, Eat & Drink in NYC
Last week our Perfect team checked out some old and new favorites for inspiration, fun and of course, shopping and eating. Here are some great places to visit next time you are in Manhattan.  

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My Paris

My Paris

I love Paris for more reasons than I could ever communicate in one or two blogs but I am going to try to give you a window into what I love about the City of Light, and why you should consider planning a visit.  For my first blog, I am going to give you a quick overview of what I love and some ideas for planning a visit.

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10 Fun Facts about St. Barths

10 Fun Facts about St. Barths

In honor of our new theme -- Welcome to St. Barts -  we wanted to share some interesting facts about St. Barths and its rich history.

1.The flag of St. Barths (besides the French flag colors) is composed of the Lily flower – a reminder that it belongs to France, the Maltese cross – referring to possession by the Order of Malta, the crown – symbolism of the Swedish period, and lastly the Pelican as their emblem (the Pelican which is also on the St. Martin flag, means that you would want to fly from one island to another to discover new treasures.)

2. The biodiversity of St. Barth's and the surrounding islands have: 183 different species of fish, 54 varieties of coral, and 60 types of sea sponges.

3. St. Barths was originally called “Ouanalao” by the Arawaks (original island inhabitants) in 1493. Columbus discovered St. Barths and named the island after his brother, Bartolomeo.

4. The island was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus who named it for his brother Bartolomeo. St. Barthelemy was first settled by the French in 1648. In 1784, the French sold the island to Sweden, who renamed the largest town Gustavia, after the Swedish King GUSTAV III, and made it a free port; the island prospered as a trade and supply center during the colonial wars of the 18th century. France repurchased the island in 1878 and placed it under the administration of Guadeloupe. St. Barthelemy retained its free port status along with various Swedish appellations such as Swedish street and town names, and the three-crown symbol on the coat of arms.  In 2003, the populace of the island voted to secede from Guadeloupe and in 2007, the island became a French overseas collectivity.

5. French is the official language, but English is widely spoken.

6. Despite limited rain in St. Barths, there is still plenty of vegetation. The west coast is drier with shrubs and cacti, the East coast is greener with more tropical vegetation like floral species which adorn the landscape.

7. Tourism took hold in St. Barths when Rémy de Haenen, an eccentric Dutch aviator, landed his plane at what is now the airport. He later became the first hotelier and the island's mayor.

8. The island gets more than 300 sunny days a year on average.

9. The glamorous island of St Barts is one of the Caribbean's top beach destinations. Ringing the island are immaculate strips of sand and ethereal turquoise waters. The shallow reefs that encircle the island help to protect these renowned beaches, and they also provide excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities.

10. This volcanic island without any rivers forced the population to adapt to its rigors in order to here live comfortably. Fresh water in St Barts comes from a desalination plant or large cisterns built into villas and hotels to collect rainwater. Thus water is a valuable resource to be used carefully.

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Sculpture & Art Gardens

Sculpture & Art Gardens

Several years ago when I had my PR firm, I was introduced to LongHouse Reserve (, a beautiful sculpture and art garden in East Hampton, New York. It is the home of textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen, and he has made it his legacy to turn the property and all of the incredible works on it, open and available to the public.

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Le Tour Eiffel

Did you know?
One of the most iconic structures in the world is the Eiffel Tower but how much do you really know about it?  We thought you would enjoy reading some of these fun facts.

  • Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, 1832 - 1923, French civil engineer and architect. Designer and creator of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave also contributed to building the Statue of Liberty.
  • The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Paris Exposition and was not intended to be permanent. This event was symbolic of the beginning of the French Revolution.
  • In 1887 when it was built it cost 7,799,401.31 in French gold. If the Eiffel Tower was built today it would cost $31 billion.
  • It took 300 workers, 18,038 pieces of wrought iron, and 2.5 million rivets to build the tower. It was completed in 2 years, two month and 5 days.
  • The Eiffel Tower was going to be demolished in 1909, but was saved because it was repurposed as a giant radio antenna.
  • The height of the Eiffel Tower varies by 5.9 inches depending on temperature changes. It is 1,063 feet tall and was the tallest building for 41 years.
  • There are 1,665 steps to the top, and features 20,000 light bulbs.
  • The paint on the Eiffel Tower weighs as much as 10 elephants.
  • A women “married” the Eiffel Tower in 2007. Her legal name is now Erika La Tour
  • Eiffel.
  • This monument is the most visited paid monument in the world. Over the years, 250 million people have visited. Since it is so iconic there are more than 30 replicas around the world.

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