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  • Fall Trends -- Fashion in the Time of a Pademic

Fall Trends -- Fashion in the Time of a Pademic

Fall Trends -- Fashion in the Time of a Pademic

Fall 2020 -- who knew!  When we bought our Fall Fashion collections we could have never imagined we would be buying clothing to sell to clients living through a pandemic.  How do you dress during a time like this?  Every day in either of our stores, clients come in and look at our clothes and often wonder out loud, where am I going, do I really need any clothes?  And the answer I most often give may certainly surprise you.  I tell people " Of course not, nobody really needs anything." 

Why would I say this?  What I mean is, we don't really need any new things but shopping has never really been all that serious.  Shopping now is actually a hopeful, happy and even optimistic act.  Shopping can give us is a little bit of normalcy, shopping for a new outfit has always made people happy, I see both men and women put on a new jacket, dress or shoes and smile at themselves -- it is made to give you pleasure.  So what is different now?  Moods are heavy, the time is serious and so now, more than ever, shopping really feels like a treat.  A new top just might be that ray of sunshine at a time where we are not sure what is happening, a cozy sweater the perfect item to layer with for eating outside, a new set of boots will give you a little pep in your step or pretty earrings that will encourage you to put your make up on and smile at your reflection once again.  I get it, living in your athleisure sweats seems so comfortable, but if you do it for long enough it can also change your whole demeanor simply because it can make you feel like one day is the same as the other.  The whole reason we change our clothes, our style and looks is to show our personality for different days and occasions.  We dress up or down depending upon our activities -- all of this affects our moods.  Of course, I'm not a psychologist but here are a few things I have done to cheer myself up, support other local businesses and get that pep back in my step.  

Closet Clean Up

I have moved twice in the last year (ugh before and during the pandemic!) but the good news is it forced me to really go through my closet and purge myself of clothes for both myself and my children that we no longer wear or my kids have outgrown.  I couldn't believe how many items I have kept for years.  I donated a lot of items to local charities in Greenwich, friends who have small children or cherished fashion pieces to my staff but I also listed some items on Poshmark which is super easy to use and allows you to negotiate with buyers.  If you have shoes or bags you have barely worn, this is a great option.  It makes me happy that these items find a new home and great to get some money back.  Cleaning out your things always feels good.  For furniture and home goods, I highly recommend the Local Vault in Greenwich or the Home Consignment Center in San Rafael.  I also donated items to the Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop.  Many families are in need of furniture and again, I am so happy that items I love are finding a new home -- it is the most sustainable, good thing you can do for the planet.  If you need help with the clean out -- there are several local stylists who can help you sort through all of your items for donating and even update some of your older items to keep wearing. 


Marc Blazer by Vanessa Bruno $595

It's All About Layering

In California, we love to talk about layering because we enjoy warm days in the fall but as the sun goes down, there is a chill in the air and the sweaters and light coats come out.  Now that outdoor dining is so popular and eating outside with friends, layering is more popular than ever.  I hosted a few friends on my deck this week for a small get together and everyone was sure to bring a couple of layers of sweaters and coats as the temperature fell.  As fate would have it, we bought very little cocktail party pieces this year for our store and lots of beautiful sweaters and coats.  Beautiful, luxurious prints, cozy oversized coats and sweaters that are exactly right for the time.  Ponchos and shawls all perfect for chilly fall nights.  



Dark Green and Orange Silk Shawl by Barbieri $155

Now I've Cleaned Out My Closet, What or Why Should I Buy Anything New?

Shopping isn't deep so stop feeling guilty about it.  You can shop for any reason you want but shopping for fashion at it's essence should be fun.  Pick a new blouse that if you wear will lighten your mood, make you feel good and gives you pleasure.  I mean it.  It's that simple.  Accessorize -- scarves, earrings, bracelets -- wear your personality, we are outside more than ever, walking the neighborhood, strolling the Avenue or Main Street -- a little pop of color will make you smile more, I promise.  Outerwear & Shoes -- heels are out and comfort is in but you also can't ignore the amazing deals on shoes going on for heels -- if that's what you love go for it, you may never see these discounts again!  For comfort, sneakers, boots, flats -- so many options and so much fun.

Finally, we really appreciate everyone who shops to support small business of course every little bit helps.  We all want happy clients who enjoy our merchandise but please, please don't guilt shop.  I don't want you to buy things you won't use -- I want you to love each and every item.  Maybe I'm being silly but clothes really do make my mood and I think if you find yourself in a rut -- the Covid Blues I call it, change up your look and see if it helps you.  It won't solve the pandemic, but it may just make you forget it for a few minutes.

Take care, lisa lori 

ps.  we have a great outwear offer right now -- 15% OFF men's & women's until November 2nd -- use code CURATORS15 online or stop by either of our stores.  Cheers --





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