Today's Dispatch interview is with my dear friend
-- Tina Isaac-Goize in Paris
Tina & I in Paris on one of my recent trips -- I try to see my Parisian friends when I pass through on my buying trips for the store -- I am so proud of these incredible women who are balancing it all -- work, family and life.   I met Tina more than 20 years ago in Paris when I was Director of PR & Advertising for the world's largest perfumery and flavor house -- International Flavors & Fragrance.  Tina was a journalist covering the beauty industry in Paris.  It was a wonderful time in our lives when Americans working in fashion and beauty from New York City & Paris worked together and collaborated on numerous projects.  Over the years, we have continued our friendship and watched each other get married, have children and grow professionally.  Today, she writes for the NY Times, Vogue, Women's Wear and more.  Her husband is an incredible photographer and we carry his beautiful book A Night on the Town in Paris that features the incredible nightlife and world that is Paris fashion.  Here is her view of Paris this week.  
DISPATCH:                    PARIS
Name -- Tina Isaac-Goizé, journalist and editor
What is the mood in your city?  How long have you been asked to shelter in place?  How long do you think it will last.  
We're on Day 10 of confinement, and it looks like the term will be extended at least 2 weeks. We hear that schools *might* re-open May 5th, after spring break. The people I've spoken to are bearing up, trying to stay optimistic, though with spring in the air it's hard to be stuck indoors, esp with kids. We are deeply thankful for every little patch of sunshine!
What is the response within the business community now, do you of any businesses that are reinventing themselves to help?
I think the reinventing part is still a WIP, and fashion is being slammed of course. Some brands are giving a percentage of online sales to hospitals. But I think we will see some amazing resilience and creativity. Meanwhile, all the restaurant closures have prompted the Rungis food market to expand professional delivery services to private customers. We miss the market, but for an 80-euro minimum it can come to us.  Unfortunately, no flattening here yet another mom at school is a nurse in a specialized hospital: this is going to be longer than people realize 
How are you staying sane during this period? 
Keeping *normal* hours. Cooking. Reading. Games. Stretching. Netflix. Red Wine. All recommendations welcome.